Our Philosophy

At Relever we are looking to train well rounded performers. We train with discipline, fun and specific techniques that touch on all elements of the performing arts. We bring a qualitative approach to teaching by increasing our performers artistic IQ. We empower our performers to move forward and create confidently. A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament.~Oscar Wilde


Our goal is to guide performers of all types to become thoroughly knowledgable in their unique talents and well rounded in all others. In our 40 week program, along with competitions, our students work towards a collaborative year end performance. We facilitate a real performers atmosphere so that students are equipped with the knowledge and the professionalism to be ready for the industry after training with us.

Audition process.

Every student that is asked to be on our competitive team is required to go through a preliminary audition. You can choose to audition in 2 ways 1) In a class setting where we take you through a series of exercises with a group of performers. Classes will be split into a junior level and senior level. 2) Performers can choose to demonstrate a piece of work performed in previous years. Students can perform by themselves or with a friend. During the sessions the Relever team will assess and give feedback to the dancer. Please call ahead at 1844 888 4441 book your solo or partnered audition time slot or arrange to come to one of our group audition sessions.


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